Chez Caro
  Caro & Dennis Childs
  15340 Mourjou

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  +44 (0)1303 812262

Lessal is a small cluster of farms in the commune of Mourjou deep in the chataigneraie (as the sweet chestnut growing area of France is called).   Our neighbours farm the land, all working together for hay making and cutting the corn.   Everyone keeps six or seven cows along with a bull and their calves, grazing together peacefully.   Wild flowers abound and so does wild life, Lessal is a paradise for bird watchers with hoopoe, golden orioles, black redstarts, nut hatches and woodpeckers, swallows, martins and swifts, buzzards and kites amongst the more obvious visitors to our garden.   The woods below our house are home to deer, red squirrels, wild boar, martens and foxes.

Lessal has made us very welcome.   If you want to experience the innocence and charm of rural life, full of hard work but also with time for kindness and merry making, hurry to Lessal.