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There are cheap flights with Ryanair from Stansted to Rodez.   This is the nearest airport, it has several car hire companies and Lessal is an easy 45 minutes drive from the airport.

From the West:
Join the A20 at Brive in the direction of Toulouse to Junction 56. Leave the A20 and head to Figeac. From Figeac you take the N122 to Aurillac as far as Maurs.

From the North-east:
Go via Aurillac following signs to Montauban. You will enter Maurs on the N122.

From Maurs:
The N122 goes through Maurs, you can see from the map that it has a circular road where the bastide walls used to be.   Take the exit to St Constant, the D663 which goes down a hill over the railway lines past the station.

After the sign for St Constant there is a boulangerie on the right set back from the main road.   Half a mile further turn left onto the D28, just before the bridge over the Cele river.   It is signposted to Mourjou and Calvinet. It also says “Maison de Chataigne suivre Mourjou”.

From the South-east:
From Rodez, take the road to Decazeville past Rodez Airport.   At Decazeville follow signs to Aurillac on the D963.   There is a bridge over the Lot where you don’t have right of way.   At St Constant turn right on to the D28 immediately after the bridge over the Cele.   It is signposted to Mourjou and Calvinet.

From which ever direction you have come from:
Follow the winding road for three and a half miles until you reach a house sign posted Triane.   The next group of houses is Lessal.   At a small and slightly skewed crossroads, you will see the Lessal sign, turn left (which is straight ahead), the D28 curves away to the right on a blind corner.   Continue up the hill to the end of the road past a farm on your left.   The house is the very last one on the left.   The road ends there and turns into a grass track.

If you find yourself in Mourjou you have gone about 3 miles past us.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Dennis & Caro